Hi there! I’m an average Malaysian, aspiring to learn more and sometimes find that ideas and stories from the news overseas, can be adapted but may not entirely fit our Malaysian context. I love our Malaysian culture and our unique experiences that we have, mixing and blending different cultures.


tehais.com was originally started in 2005, in inspiration of Ng Khai Lee’s social and youth commentary blog – thecicak. Started in inspiration at Technology Park during two university students’ internship, the original idea was to be something between a blend of social commentaries and technorati. It was then, we started learning how to use Open Source software wordpress and Drupal, as the engine of growth for the future. We were trying and aiming to do too much, but with too little time.

The project died a slow quiet death as two parted ways after Cyberjaya and Melaka. With the advent of the Maker movement and newer developments in the social, hardware, startup scene, tehais.com is back with a new focus and a fresh reboot.

Tehais.com aims to share awesome things and ways one gets involved and learns more for being part of the Global Malaysian community.

As a local Malaysin, aiming to get into things that has the potential to be global, you should learn more on how to get involved with a global centric community. Have fun!

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